About us

Cricket as a major sport in Canada today shows high growth rates of all its components: sports performance, infrastructure, investments and merchandising. It’s time to create new entertainment cricket using various digital media platforms in collaboration with various media and production companies -games, reality shows and more, revealing new commercial opportunities in addition to the income from traditional TV and sponsorship rights. Roy Singh conceptualized and created the Canadian Premier League in the summer of 2012. Recognizing the opportunity to expand cricket in Canada through the excitement of a Twenty20 league, Mr. Singh first secured an internationally recognized team to build and develop what he has conceived as “Canada’s Premier Cricket League.” The purpose of the Canadian Premier League is to serve as a training ground for developing professional cricket players, coaches and personnel on and off the field and to that aim, emphasis will be placed on fundamental development, career advancement and community involvement. The CPL will bring about its ‘vision declaration’ by providing cricket enthusiasts with fast paced, fan-friendly professional sporting event always at affordable prices.