CPL T20 News


Mr. Roy Singh CEO and founder of the Canadian Premier League T20 cricket initiated talks with the Hon. Mayor Hazel McCallion last week. Mr. Singh, a Toronto-based businessman and entrepreneur with Gold Exploration projects in South America ( http://www.cinroresources.com/ ) presented The Hon.

Mayor his plans to build a permanent fixture for T20 cricket matches of an international level in Mississauga. Mr. Singh has requested the Mayor and her Recreation and Parks team to review and look for a suitable location in Mississauga to for the stadium which initially will seat 10,000 and can be expanded to accommodate more seats in future.

Hon. Mayor McCallion while not committing her city to build anything using municipal funds stated quite clearly that all funds to build the structure would have to be privately funded. She was interested in the prospect of attracting international attention to the City of Mississauga for the predominantly popular sport amongst the immigrant population of GTA. She stated that Mississauga is a modern city with a growing hub of arts, culture leisure and sports and is fast expanding in immigrant population. The City has recently committed a lot of funding towards developing facilities for arts culture and entertainment with new museums, art galleries and entertainment arenas. She was happy to welcome the idea of a stadium provided a suitable location could be found which would accommodate parking as well.

Mr. Roy Singh was confident he would be able to fund the project with private investors and looks forward to hearing back from the committee with details of a suitable location soon. He hopes that constructions could begin as early as possible before the year is out. Mr. Singh reiterated that “There is no international standard facility in Toronto. The current one is greatly lacking and not much has improved over the last decade”, he says, “which is why we fail to attract a lot of the teams and tournaments. The audience turn outs are low because of the current location and added to that is the general lacklustre coverage by the media.” On the upside he notes, “The time is right for a Canadian Premier League and T20 format tournaments. Cricket fans and cricket followers are beginning to accept the new shortened formats of the T20 game with just 20 overs which generally get completed in 3 to 3 1/2 hours pretty close to a baseball game”. He continued to be optimistic and said that “I have increasing support stemming from the private sector and foreign investment for funding such a popular and entertaining sport as cricket. I am confident given a suitable location for the stadium it will be a successful and viable venture for all those involved – the players as well as the investors.”

He went on to state that the level of interest would be increased by attracting the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stars as well as Bollywood actors who would have the opportunity to own part of the CPL T20 teams much like Mark Wahlberg and Gerard Butler who currently own teams in the Caribbean Premier League and Bollywood actors like PreityZinta, Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, and Shilpa Shetty who own Indian Premier League teams.

He ended by saying that “The sport of cricket at this international level would generate stable jobs and much needed economic stimulus in whichever city the stadium is built and the entire season of matches would bring more interest in consequent years to come”