A new revolution for the Canadian Cricket, CPL is all about the new form of entertainment for Americans

Nobody loves ball games more than Canadians, be it rugby, baseball or football, we have the most loyal viewers from America. The love for the ball doesn’t only end here, Canada is not new to cricket, another ball game taking a toll on the ball game fanatics of the continent. Nobody can deny the thrill and the amazement associated with cricket and the adrenaline pumping match moments they game encompasses.

Bringing forth the revolution for the Canadian Cricket, CPL or the Canadian Premier League is all about introducing the game into the stadiums of Canada, casting that cloud of cricket fever for all its viewers. CPL just like the other national leagues, explore the form of Twenty20 cricket; a rather impressive form of a game lasting for 20 overs which each over including 6 balls. Although the Twenty20 format has taken the cricket arenas by storm in the other cricket-loving nations, Canada is yet to adapt the impressive nature of the game and enjoy its beat. 

Not only this, but the league is the first one to play cricket in an indoor Olympic stadium.