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October 25, 2017


September 14, 2016

CPLT20 aims to re-connect Canada and North America with cricket

roy-proThe first-ever international cricket match was played between the USA and Canada in 1844. The match was staged at the grounds of the St George’s Cricket Club in New York. So the sport of cricket had a rich history and legacy that could be tapped into if so desired. In the summer of 2012, that’s how the idea of Canadian Premier League (CPL) T20 was given life to by Mr. Roy Singh.

Having started off as a computer engineer, Mr. Singh is bit of a visionary. He successfully established a gold exploration company, CINRO Resources Inc. in South America. He has over 20 years of business experience and expertise with global business partners. It is Mr Singh’s vision that will see CPLT20 being developed as a breeding ground for young talents in Canadian when they rub shoulders with the best in the world.

The CPLT20 will be the coming together of various elements of the Canadian population which will help bring the world to its shores. A 10-team event in the first edition, CPLT20 will be a perfect platform with opportunities centred around-media, commercial rights and much more. The format would be identical to the ones on display in the Indian Premier League (IPL), Australia’s Big Bash League (BBL) and Caribbean Premier League (CPL) of West Indies.

The 10 teams are follows: Snow Owls, Hummingbirds, Condors, Predators, Hornets, Huskies, Sentinels, Bobcats, Spartans and Wolverines. Each of the 15-member squads will consist of players from around North America as well as superstars from around the world during the tournament, when it is sanctioned by Cricket Canada (CC), which is expected to be televised to a captive global audience.

To achieve the dream, Mr.Singh has unveiled an unique three-step plan. The details of the tournament are the first step of the plan. The next step is to scout for a possible land to build the world’s first cricket specific indoor stadium to seat 35,000 fans. The entire facility is approximately estimated to be housed at over 150 acres to accommodate the stadium, public spaces, parking and servicing requirements.

Currently the plan is to build this unique facility in the Province of Ontario with the value of the land pegged at $9.2 million. The building of the cricketing facility will add upto a further one billion dollars complete with outstanding facilities to make Canada proud about it. The Canadian Mortgage Group Inc has already pledged a loan of $700 million of the proposed one billion dollars for the building of the stadium. The building of the facility would need a further $300-400 million.
Even as the league takes the first steps in the Canada, the team led by Mr. Singh is looking to expand into the United States of America (USA) by building three stadiums there. Some CPLT20 games could well be staged there in five years’ time. Eventually, the plans are afoot to convert CPLT20 into a 10-team North American Premier League (NAPL)T20 tournament.

A Trinidad and Tobago native Mr. Singh came to Canada at the age of 16 and is looking to leave behind a long-lasting legacy with his spirit and passion for cricket.


JUNE 16, 2015

Stadium Construction Crucial To Full Realization of Canadian Cricket’s Immense Potential
By Tony McWatt*

stadium1 stadium2       

Proposed Cricket Stadium designs commissioned by

Canadian Premier League T20 Chairman, Roy Singh

The Caribbean Premier League’s (CPL) recent (June 11) announcement of its plans to introduce world class cricket to their neighbors south of the border will have left many Canadian cricket fans shaking their heads in utter frustration! Were it not for the absolute lack of availability of a suitable “internationally certified” cricket ground in any of its ten Provinces, Canada could been chosen to host CPL matches as early as last year (2014). By 2016 it may even have been home to an actual CPL Franchise team.

Their previous explorations of the Canadian hosting potential having abjectly failed to identify a suitable venue, CPL officials have obviously now turned their attention to more potentially greener pastures Stateside. The CPL’s announced plans are for three or four matches of the League’s 2016 Competition to be played at Fort Lauderdale’s Central Broward Stadium. The CPL has also announced its plans to fully explore the establishment of a US based full-time franchise team.

Described as “the Biggest Party in Sport” this year’s CPL will be beamed through ESPN television coverage into over 200 million households across the world. ESPN and Guardian Media Group are the broadcasters that will be providing coverage to the Caribbean for the duration of the tournament. Big-name broadcasters such as Sony Six (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Maldives) BT Sport (UK), Guardian Group (Caribbean), ESPN (USA and Caribbean), Fox Sports (Australia), SuperSport (South Africa) and Sky (New Zealand) have all signed deals to carry live coverage of this year’s tournament, with a broadcaster in Pakistan and Bangladesh expected to be confirmed before the tournament starts. Last year’s competition attracted a global audience in excess of 65 million, and this year is set to be even higher as fans across the world continue to be drawn to the high quality action on the pitch and the unique party atmosphere off it.

As the CPL and other T20 Leagues, particularly the Indian Premier League and Australia’s Big Bash, have demonstrated, global television coverage such as ESPN’s can generate billions of dollars in revenues. In addition there are the associated revenues from venue signage advertising, gate receipts, food concessions and merchandising from the thousands who typically fill the stands to enjoy their share of the exciting entertainment T20 matches provide. All of which can combine to make the hosting of world class T20 Cricket League matches extremely lucrative as an economic enterprise.

Last year’s (2014) CPL matches generated well over US$40 million dollars in combined revenues for the Caribbean countries which served as hosts. Had Canada been able to enjoy any part of that scenario as a hosting country, needless to say the forthcoming revenues would have been an entirely useful cash infusion to the implementation of plans for Canadian cricket’s further development.

The loss of CPL opportunity has now therefore only served to further underline the harsh reality that unless and until it develops a stadium capable of hosting world class matches for any of the game’s available formats, the abbreviated, highly entertaining T20’s, the slightly longer One Day Internationals or even five day Tests, Canada’s immense potential as a cricketing country will never be fully realized. The tangible existence of which is now indisputable, both in terms of Canada’s international match hosting capabilities, as well as its ability to field internationally competitive teams in cricket’s shorter formats: T20’s and One Day Internationals.

Within the past four to five decades accommodating immigration policies, by successive Federal governments, have allowed Canada’s now estimated 35 million population to be characterized by an ever increasing influx of individuals from cricket playing countries. Canada’s resident populations of Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, South Africans, Sri Lankans, as well as those from the Caribbean, now number in the millions.

Many within such populations have brought their love of and passion for cricket with them to Canada. As much is evidenced by the impressive crowds which have attended Canadian hosted matches involving world class players. The 1989 United Way Exhibition Match involving a world class West Indies XI playing against a South Asian dominated Rest of the World XI attracted an unprecedented 55,000 spectators to Toronto’s Skydome, which had been converted to a temporary, makeshift, cricket facility as a hosting venue. To date no other Canadian sporting event, including home matches for the Toronto BlueJays as former World Series Baseball Champions, has ever recorded such a massive attendance.

Immigrant fueled cricket passion has also been increasingly evident on the actual field of play. Canada boasts a proud history of international participation at cricket’s highest levels, including multiple appearances at the sport’s marquee competition the Quadrennial World Cup. Although the performances by Canadian teams in international competition have been largely disappointing of late, grassroots participation interest in cricket, particularly in Ontario, has nevertheless continued to grow at a phenomenal rate. The number of schools with registered cricket programs and clubs hosting active teams, at both junior and senior levels, is now highly impressive.

With a significantly sized population of potential spectator interest, national teams participating fairly actively in international competitions, a solidly developing club structure and ever increasing interest at school and grassroots levels, Canadian cricket seemingly possesses all the required ingredients for the realization of a very bright future. Real progress towards any such realization is however unfortunately being stymied by two negatively influencing factors.

The first of these is Canada’s glaringly apparent current lack of a sufficiently efficient governing body. Secondly there is the aforementioned non-existence of a facility with world class cricket hosting capabilities.

As Canadian cricket’s governing body, Cricket Canada’s reputation of late has unfortunately been that of a highly dysfunctional, immensely tangled bureaucratic entity. It is currently embroiled in desperate attempts to avoid the threatened loss of its coveted status as an International Cricket Council (ICC) Associate Member. It also reportedly faces a number of impending law suits.

As such there may be no immediately foreseeable hope of it ever functioning as an architect for full realization of the country’s cricket potential. Private involvement, by individuals and corporations, therefore now appears to be the best available vehicle for realistic success in that regard.

Towards that end Roy Singh’s ongoing individual efforts to serve as a catalyst towards the realization of Canadian cricket’s potential have been most encouraging. Undaunted by the refusal of sanctioning approval and other unwarranted Cricket Canada instituted roadblocks, Singh has proceeded with plans for launching the Inaugural Season of his own T2o Canadian Premier League at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium this August.


Founder and Chairman of Canadian Premier League T20 – Roy Singh

Even more heartening are Singh’s efforts to date towards the construction of the desired world class cricket in the Greater Toronto Area. He has commissioned a feasibly study, developed highly impressive a architectural design for a covered roof facility and engaged in discussions with several very interested Municipalities for the acquisition of the required land acreage. He now only needs an infusion of seed funding financial capital, from suitable investors, for the project to progress further towards its targeted completion within the next three years.

Many within Canada’s ever growing cricketing population will now undoubtedly be following, with keen interest, further developments on the Caribbean Premier League’s US hosting plans. Perhaps musing in envy on what could and should have been for Canada’s enjoyment of the same.

Governed by their now heightened appreciation and acceptance of the necessity for the construction of their own stadium with world class cricket hosting capabilities, they will also undoubtedly be wishing Roy Singh every success in his further activities towards the acquisition of the required private and corporate financial support. Core funding support, which if received would facilitate the stadium’s completion and its functioning as a catalyst for the full realization of Canada’s now indisputable immense cricketing potential.

*As a Cricket Writer with over twenty years experience, Tony McWatt’s articles and columns have appeared in newspapers and magazines in Canada, the Caribbean and the US. He is also a former Executive Director of the Ontario Cricket Association.

AUGUST 20, 2014


Four of the biggest names from the West Indies international cricket team, have signed a historical deal that will make them co-owners and stakeholders in the exciting new Canadian Premier League T20 (CPL).

West Indies one-day international (ODI) Captain Dwayne Bravo, Test Captain Denesh Ramdin, opening batsman Kieran Powell and former Captain and veteran Shivnarine Chanderpaul, have signed one of the most lucrative ventures in T20 cricketing history by becoming owner stakeholders of the forthcoming CPL.

The deal arrives ahead of the countdown to the inaugural tournament, with officials this week announcing that the tournament will commence on August 1st, 2015.

Roy Singh, CEO and Chairnan of the Canadian Premier League T20, is shortly expected to announce details of where the tournament will kick-off its inaugural season. The 10-team League will consist of professional cricketers from around Canada, alongside global cricketing superstars from accross the world, CPL officials confirmed.

On the eve of his signing as co-owner and stakeholder of the League, 29 year old Denesh Ramdin, the right-handed batsman and recently appointed West Indies Test team Captain, stated, “I fully support the growth and development of international-calibre T20 cricket through the Canadian Premier League and the direction being taken by Roy Singh, the League’s founder and CEO.”

Ramdin, who has played domestically for his national team, Trinidad and Tobago, for the past decade and also captains the Guyana Amazon Warriors franchise in the Caribbean Premier League tournament, went onto say, “Roy has the vision, determination and drive to make this League truly successful and sustainable and I am thrilled to be coming onboard as part of such a pioneering venture for the North American market”.

Like Ramdin, Kieran Powell has also been appointed a co-owner and stakeholder in the League, and is looking forward to playing a crucial role in the tournament.

“These are exciting times for T20 cricket and it takes a visionary like Roy Singh to introduce this unique and exhilarating form of the game to the region, in what will be a first for this part of the world” said Powell, 24, one of the most exciting young West Indies stars to emerge in recent times. “It is indeed a privilege to be part of the Canadian Premier League” Powell said, on the eve of their signing.

The teammates’ sentiments were echoed by West Indies ODI Captain, Dwayne Bravo, undoubtedly one of the most electrifying and in-demand names in global T20 cricket today.

“The Canadian Premier League is already creating waves of excitement within the international cricketing community. What makes the League stand out is Roy Singh’s brilliance and initiative in carving out a niche market in this region and ensuring that the business model surrounding his League is based on longevity that centers around a real passion for growth and development of the game. I am looking forward to being part of this powerful venture”.


Roy Singh, Founder, chairman and CEO of the Canadian Premier League, conceptualized and created the Canadian Premier League in the summer of 2012 after recognizing the opportunity to expand cricket in Canada through the excitement and exhilaration of a glamorous Twenty20 League.

The purpose of the Canadian Premier League is to serve as a training ground for developing professional cricket players, coaches and personnel on and off the field and to that aim, emphasis will be placed on fundamental development, career advancement and community involvement. The CPL will bring about its ‘vision declaration’ by providing cricket enthusiasts with a fast paced, fan-friendly professional sporting event always at affordable prices.

To this end, Singh said the CPL is also looking to build a 35,000 seat state of the art indoor cricket stadium in Canada. The stadium would be the first purpose-built covered cricket facility in the world with a natural grass field and a fixed roof, according to those behind the project. It would be made available for use year-round and host international matches.

“CDN$700 million has already been raised for this,” said Singh, while noting that the group is currently in discussion with economic development officials from various municipalities within Greater Toronto who are extremely interested in having the stadium.

“With this financing we can now move to the next phase of selecting a site and securing further investors for this ambitious project,” he added. “It’s incredible to think there isn’t a stadium anywhere in North America where an internationally-sanctioned cricket match can be played. My vision is to change this with a world-class show for what we anticipate will be a world-wide television audience.”

The CPL’s management committee includes: Roy Singh, the highly successful Toronto-based entrepreneur who serves as CEO and Chairman; former West Indies Cricket Captain, Shiv Chanderpaul, a director of the company; West Indies cricketing superstars, Dwayne Bravo, Denesh Ramdin and Kieran Powell, who will serve as co-owners; former Toronto Star reporter, Bob Mitchell who has been appointed President; and Emma Everett, Managing Agent to Dwayne Bravo, Denesh Ramdin, Kieran Powell and Sir Richie Richardson, who will serve as Head of Global Player Operations.

JULY 14, 2014

$700M cricket stadium may be coming to GTA

See full story and Video – HERE

TORONTO – An upstart professional cricket league announced Tuesday it has secured financing to build a 35,000-seat stadium for the game in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

“This is an exciting step forward for our organization,” said Roy Singh, CEO and chairman of the Canadian Premier League T20, in a press release. “With this financing we can now move to the next phase of selecting a site and securing further investors for this ambitious project.”

The stadium would be the first purpose-built covered cricket facility in the world with a natural grass field and a fixed roof, according to those behind the project. It would be made available for use year-round and host international matches.

Three potential locations in Brampton, Markham and Milton are currently being explored. Applications with local municipalities have yet to be submitted.

“Our plan is to have this stadium built and ready for international cricket within four to five years,” said Bob Mitchell, President of the Canadian Premier League T20, in a press release. “There isn’t a stadium anywhere in the world like the one we intend to build.”

The league plans to kickoff its first season next year, with 10 teams playing a 45-game season, plus playoffs. Each team will be made up of eight Canadians and three international players.

More financing is still needed in order for the league to begin play.

A temporary location also has to be found before the new stadium is built. Discussions had been taking place with the City of Toronto about using Coronation Park, but the league says that’s no longer a possibility.

In 2012, Cricket Canada made a pitch to build a 10,000-seat stadium on the Toronto Islands but the idea was quickly shot down.

© Shaw Media, 2014

MAY 9, 2014

Veteran Journalist Appointed CPLT20 President

Veteran Canadian journalist Bob Mitchell has been appointed president of the Canadian Premier League T20 (CPLT20).

The move further strengthens the management team being created by CPLT20 CEO and Chairman Roy Singh.

“Bob’s extensive sports background and business acumen coupled with his love and passion for sports will be an asset for the Canadian Premier League 20 moving forward” says Roy Singh, Founder and CEO cplt20.

Mitchell spent 35 years covering sports and crime for The Toronto Star. He is also the author of three true crime books, one sports book and one crime mystery novel.

He recently served as the beat writer for The Toronto Argonauts of the Canadian Football League and was one of four reporters covering the Toronto Maple Leafs and the National Hockey League for The Star,

Earlier in his career he was the head writer for two magazine-style sports television shows and did public relations for three Canadian motor racing series. He was also the editor of Performance Racing News.

“It’s an exiting time for cricket in Canada and I’m looking forward to helping Roy achieve his dream of bringing world-class professional cricket to this country,” Mitchell said. “The T20 format of cricket will provide edge-of-your-seat excitement for Canadian fans.”

Mitchell acknowledges there is still a lot of work to be done but he’s up for the challenge.

“I’m confident that within a very short period of time that Canadians will embrace this sport as CPLT20 becomes of this country’s premier sports leagues,” Mitchell said.

APR 30, 2014


Roy Singh, CEO and chairman of the Canadian Premier League T-20 (CPLT20) is pleased to announce that Emma Everett will be joining the league as its head of Global Player Operations.

The dynamic London-based lawyer brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill and her immense contacts will help bring some of the world’s best cricket talent to Canada for the inaugural season of this new and exciting league. She has become one of the most sought after professionals in the industry today.

“Her contact list is as long as the River Thames,” Singh said. “A young, forward thinking, entrepreneur is crucial to any exciting international T20 league business model these days. And that is exactly what Emma brings to the table.”

Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Australia, Everett has maintained particularly strong and respected ties within West Indies Cricket, having managed some of its biggest cricketing superstars, including the team’s current One-Day international Captain and global T20 powerhouse, Dwayne Bravo, and gifted, young opening batsman and highly anticipated rising star, Kieran Powell.

Everett, whose entrepreneurial prowess has been featured on CNN and ESPN Cricinfo, ( ) is looking forward to her role and the incredible potential of this new league.

“From a business and economic perspective, Canada is a thrilling market to explore and enter,” Everett said. “There is so much that such a powerful and established nation can bring to the global sporting table.

“It is only fitting that the electrifying and entertaining format of global T20 cricket be introduced to the Canadian public, which will of course, in turn, benefit the country longer term and on a far vaster international platform.”

Singh first came into contact with Everett when he approached one of her players about playing in the CPLT20. The player requested that he contact her to discuss the possibility.

“That’s when Roy and I first started speaking,” Everett said. “The business model he went on to present to me was a winning one, and his drive and self-motivation reflected my own values and background so we clicked straightaway

Although her role is to primarily source, negotiate and sign talent from an incredible pool of big-hitting superstars who are currently at the disposal of global T20 league selectors, Everett will also assist Singh with many other facets of the tournament framework. She will also draw on her legal, media and PR experience to provide him with expertise, advice and support.

“Our vision is to make the League a one-of-its-kind, in North America,” Everett said. “We want to be pioneers of the exhilarating global T20 format of the game in this part of the world.”


NOV 1, 2013


Roy Singh

Cricket fan Roy Singh’s dream of top-class cricket in Toronto moves closer with plans for Coronation Park pitch
Steve Russell / Toronto Star

Toronto is just steps away from having a regulation-size cricket pitch that could allow the city to play host to international matches — and there are already plans to put it to use next summer. The city is “critically short” on facilities, said Councillor Adam Vaughan, and after a year of discussion over potential locations he says Coronation Park seems like a good fit. A renovation at the park would see the existing three baseball pitches rejigged to accommodate the extra cricket pitch (without losing a baseball pitch) and it wouldn’t cost the city much Vaughan said since, “it’s a flat piece of grass.” The city isn’t looking to build any stadiums, he said, “but as long as we build the pitch in a way that can accommodate that . . . It will be able to turn into a stadium when needed to host the major events.” There’s already interest in putting the pitch to use.

Toronto businessman Roy Singh, who’s been lobbying Vaughan and the city for a proper pitch to house his still-in-the-works Canadian Premier League T20 for a year, isn’t wasting any time planning the first big event. Singh, who runs CINRO, a gold exploration company based in Toronto and is the founder and CEO of the CPLT20, has been in talks with players about having a weeks-long league debut in Toronto next summer.

The teams would mix Canadian athletes with several well-known international players and the CPL is in the process of privately raising $5 million for the cost of putting up stands — to seat between 25,000 and 35,000 people — and running the entire event. And as Singh’s dream gets closer to a reality, he’s happy it’s all coming together in Toronto. For a while, it didn’t look feasible so he focused his energy on trying to get space in Brampton and Mississauga.

“It’s about access,” he said, “but my focus is Toronto, I love Toronto and that’s why I’m so adamant about playing the games in Toronto.”

Although he still has to put the official proposal to the city, Singh said he isn’t worried. Timing the event with Caribana, the CNE and the summer holidays means the CPL will be yet another “stage built to showcase Toronto.” And for his part, Vaughan said he’s looking forward to seeing the pitch play host to a major cricket event — what would be the first of its kind in Canada. “As a cricket fan I’m over the moon excited, the opportunity to sit there with my son and watch some world-class cricket is now on the horizon,” he said, as well as, “the opportunity to play downtown instead of driving out to Scarborough, Etobicoke.”

By: Jane Gerster Staff Reporter, Published on Thu Oct 31 2013

OCT 1, 2013


Mr. Roy Singh CEO and founder of the Canadian Premier League T20 cricket initiated talks with the Mayor of Brampton, Susan Fennell. Mr. Singh, a Toronto-based businessman and entrepreneur with Gold Exploration projects in South America, presented The Hon. Mayor his plans to build a permanent fixture for T20 cricket matches of an international level in the City of Brampton. The pro-active and vibrant Mayor Fennell, a sports lover, immediately established a good rapport with Mr. Singh and his plans to build a stadium of international standards for the ever popular sport of cricket.

The Mayor went on to state that “I have already inaugurated a top of the class football stadium last year in Brampton and this year have gone on to launch the best international facility for hockey for the pre qualifiers of the Pan Am hockey tournament which took place recently in our City of Brampton.” She talked excitedly about the plans already underway to build a cricket facility of almost 300 acres in Brampton. Mayor Susan Fennell certainly has a thorough understanding of how sports leagues and franchise teams work and what the business implications are.

Mayor Fennell stated that the City of Brampton is debt free and no tax payers’ money went into these ventures – it has been all on the pillars of private and corporate enterprise that the City of Brampton has built itself a reputation in the arena of sports facilities. The Mayor lauded Mr. Roy Singh in his continuing efforts of launching a Canadian Premier League T20 here in Canada and has promised her support in this direction. The Mayor stated “I have the land, the political will and the determination to have the best international cricket stadium to be built here in Brampton. And together with private investment led by Mr. Roy Singh we will make it a reality.” The Mayor also showed interest in visiting the best cricket stadium in the world to see how it looks so that features from the best could be incorporated into the planned stadium in Brampton. Mr. Singh and the Mayor agreed that with the growing immigrant population in the GTA, and the increasing levels of interest in international T20 cricket the time was certainly right to build a stadium of international standards here in Brampton. The Mayor said “I always have an ear to the ground and listen to the peoples’ needs – they said they wanted a facility for international kabbadi games and I gave it to them as well as the much needed state of the art hockey arena.” The time has come to give cricket fans something to write home about and maybe the coming year will see this dream become a reality.

SEP 17, 2013


Mr.Roy Singh with Hon.Hazel McCallion of Mississauga and Paul Mitchum, Commissioner Community Services

Mr. Roy Singh CEO and founder of the Canadian Premier League T20 cricket initiated talks with the Hon. Mayor Hazel McCallion last week. Mr. Singh, a Toronto-based businessman and entrepreneur with Gold Exploration projects in South America ( ) presented The Hon. Mayor his plans to build a permanent fixture for T20 cricket matches of an international level in Mississauga. Mr. Singh has requested the Mayor and her Recreation and Parks team to review and look for a suitable location in Mississauga to for the stadium which initially will seat 10,000 and can be expanded to accommodate more seats in future.

Hon. Mayor McCallion while not committing her city to build anything using municipal funds stated quite clearly that all funds to build the structure would have to be privately funded. She was interested in the prospect of attracting international attention to the City of Mississauga for the predominantly popular sport amongst the immigrant population of GTA. She stated that Mississauga is a modern city with a growing hub of arts, culture leisure and sports and is fast expanding in immigrant population. The City has recently committed a lot of funding towards developing facilities for arts culture and entertainment with new museums, art galleries and entertainment arenas. She was happy to welcome the idea of a stadium provided a suitable location could be found which would accommodate parking as well.

Mr. Roy Singh with Hon. Mayor Hazel McCallion

Mr. Roy Singh was confident he would be able to fund the project with private investors and looks forward to hearing back from the committee with details of a suitable location soon. He hopes that constructions could begin as early as possible before the year is out. Mr. Singh reiterated that “There is no international standard facility in Toronto. The current one is greatly lacking and not much has improved over the last decade”, he says, “which is why we fail to attract a lot of the teams and tournaments. The audience turn outs are low because of the current location and added to that is the general lacklustre coverage by the media.” On the upside he notes, “The time is right for a Canadian Premier League and T20 format tournaments. Cricket fans and cricket followers are beginning to accept the new shortened formats of the T20 game with just 20 overs which generally get completed in 3 to 3 1/2 hours pretty close to a baseball game”. He continued to be optimistic and said that “I have increasing support stemming from the private sector and foreign investment for funding such a popular and entertaining sport as cricket. I am confident given a suitable location for the stadium it will be a successful and viable venture for all those involved – the players as well as the investors.”

He went on to state that the level of interest would be increased by attracting the glitz and glamour of Hollywood stars as well as Bollywood actors who would have the opportunity to own part of the CPL T20 teams much like Mark Wahlberg and Gerard Butler who currently own teams in the Caribbean Premier League and Bollywood actors like Preity Zinta, Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, and Shilpa Shetty who own Indian Premier League teams.

He ended by saying that “The sport of cricket at this international level would generate stable jobs and much needed economic stimulus in whichever city the stadium is built and the entire season of matches would bring more interest in consequent years to come”

JUN 6, 2013


Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance – Sport Tourism Economic

Assessment Model – STEAM – Ontario Model

Enter Name of Event: CPLT20
Year of Event: 2014
Scope of Event: International
City/Town of Sport Event: Toronto


* The combined expenditures of visitors, event operations, and capital expenditures as a result of hosting the 2014 CPLT20 are estimated to reach $77.9 million in the Province of Ontario.

* These expenditures generate a total of $145.2 million of economic activity in the province, of which $106 million is in the city of Toronto.

* The CPLT20 2014 supports a total of 609 jobs for Toronto and an additional 155 jobs for the remainder of the province; paying a total of $35.8 million in wages and salaries for Ontario as a whole.

* The net increase in economic activity in the province as a result of the initial expenditures of the event is $80.9 million, of which $60.7 million occurrs in the City of Toronto.

* The total level of taxes supported by the CPLT20 2014 is estimated at $26 million. Of this, $11.4 million is allocated to the federal government, $9.6 million to the provincial government, and $5 million to municipal governments across the province. The level of municipal taxes supported within Toronto is estimated to be $4.1 million.

***** This report has been run through the CSTA – Sport Tourism Economic Assesment Model – STEAM – Ontario Model based on what the client has given Tourism Toronto. Tourism Toronto has worked on the report with CSTA to produce this document with the clients data. Information is only as valid as what data was given to enter into STEAM. See STEAM entry values from client at the end of this report

MAY 9, 2013

TORONTO- March 28, 2013- The Canadian Premier League (CPLT20) continues to make headway in an effort to bring the excitement and spectacle of T20 cricket to Canada and have now seen interest by Jamaican superstar Chris Gayle in joining the league.

CPLT20 chief executive Roy Singh is keen to sign the star, “Chris was the first franchise player to sign with the Caribbean Premier League and his enthusiasm for expanding the sport is what attracted me. I set up a meeting and we had a chance to speak about Canada and the CPLT20. The result was just as I had hoped. Chris Gayle is very enthusiastic and excited to play T20 cricket in Canada for the Canadian Premier League T20.”

The CPLT20 is currently working with a noted commercial realtor in its effort to seek lands for a new state-of-the-art stadium in Toronto.

About Chris Gayle

Christopher Henry “Chris” Gayle was born on September 21m 1979. He is a Jamaican cricketer playing international cricket for the West Indies. He plays domestic cricket for Jamaica, and also represents the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League, the Sydney Thunder in the Big Bash League and the Barisal Burners in the Bangladesh Premier League.

He is one of only four players who have scored two triple centuries at Test level: 317 against South Africa in 2005, and 333 against Sri Lanka in 2010. He is known as a big hitter, often hitting sixes, including in 2012 the first ever off the first ball of a Test match.

About CPLT20

The CPLT20 is a Canadian corporation founded by Roy Singh, with offices in Toronto, Ontario. The brand includes the business segments of sporting events, specialized television programming, E-Commerce and an associated line of ancillary products. By attaching immediately recognizable cricket celebrities to our league we can instantly connect with a large national audience. Our face becomes our brand and our celebrity becomes our voice in the marketplace. This platform of high profile athletes places us in the A-Tier of Cricket and directly connects us to broadcast media nationwide – allowing the Canadian Premier League to become a household name in a very short period of time.

For more information or photos, please contact Roy Singh at:

Cinro Sports and Entertainment Inc.

First Canadian Place

100 King Street West, Suite 5700

Toronto, Ontario. M5X 1C7

Tel No: (416) 913-1197

Fax No: (416) 913-2991



MAY 1, 2013

Indianapolis plans to build cricket stadium

IANS Apr 16, 2013, 06.03PM IST

HYDERABAD: The US city of Indianapolis, known for its world-class infrastructure and hosting of international sporting events, is now building a cricket stadium and plans to invite top cricket teams from across the globe.

Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard on Tuesday said he was planning to host the United States Amateur Cricketing Championship next year at the new stadium.

“After that we will be searching opportunities to bring major teams from around the world. Cricket is not exceptionally strong in the US right now. I need to change that. When people around the world think of cricket, I want them to think of Indianapolis ,” he told a meeting of business leaders organised here by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

Hyderabad, which has a sister city pact with Indianapolis , was the first stop of the mayor and other business leaders.

Pointing out that Indianapolis already has a cricket field, Ballard said they were building another one.

“This is our commitment to international sports. We want to send signals to the world that Indianapolis is a place that you need to be looking at. We adapt to everything, we receive everybody and we are an extremely inclusive city,” said the mayor, who is leading a business delegation on a week-long visit to India .

Ballard said Indianapolis hosts the Indianapolis 500, the largest single-day sporting event in the world, in May every year. He also explained how the city was transformed with bike trails and waking access. The city currently has 75 miles of bike trails which will be extended to 200 miles by 2015 enabling people to go around the city on bicycles.

The mayor pointed out that young professionals in the US want bicycles as an alternative mode of transport.

Inviting Indian businessmen to Indianapolis , he added that the city has a very strong logistics infrastructure which allows any business in the world to flourish. He also referred to the fact that people ignore cities like Indianapolis while thinking of the US .

“There is a bias. When you think of America, you think of East Coast, New York and Hollywood but between all that there is immense talent and great economies and Indianapolis is one of those places,” said Ballard, adding that the sister city agreement with Hyderabad, signed three years ago, was a win-win situation for both the cities.

“The sister city agreement made sense to Indianapolis and also seemed to have made sense to Hyderabad ,” said the mayor, who is visiting Hyderabad for the second time in three years.

He said their visit to Hyderabad also made sense because of the Andhra Pradesh capital’s strengths in information technology, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and certain cultural aspects. Ballard had Monday called on chief minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy.

Raju Chinthala, president, Indianapolis-Hyderabad Sister Committee, stressed the need to strengthen relations between the two cities in areas like arts, culture, sports, education and business.

B Ashok Reddy, chairman, CII Andhra Pradesh, highlighted the strengths of the state in infrastructure, IT, pharma and other fields.

APR 23, 2013

CHRIS Gayle has belted the fastest ever Twenty20 century from just 30 balls during a record-breaking innings for the Bangalore Royal Challengers.

Gayle smashed 17 sixes and 13 fours against the Pune Warriors on his way to an unbeaten 175 from 66 balls – the highest individual score in the Indian Premier League.

Former Australia right-hander Andrew Symonds previously held the record for the quickest Twenty20 century when he reached three figures for Kent against Middlesex in 2004.

Gayle’s century – his fourth in the IPL – also helped the Royal Challengers to the highest Twenty20 score, posting 3-264, to beat Sri Lanka’s 6-260 against Kenya in 2007.

Roy Singh with Shiv Chanderpaul

CPLT20 Chairman and Founder Roy Singh with Shiv Chanderpaul in Trinidad for the T20 Tournament.

MAR 22, 2013


Toronto-March 22, 2013. Canadian Premier Cricket League T20 ( ) Chairman and CEO Roy Singh announces the signing of a Buyer Agency Agreement with Toronto Real Estate firm Top Choice Realty Inc., to locate land to build a World Class T20 Cricket Stadium. “While cricket is the main focus of our business,” Singh states, “this new stadium will be a benefit to the community and will host soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and other exciting sporting events.”

The CPLT20 intends to bring the thrill and spectacle of T20 cricket to Canada and is poised to create a state of the art stadium to satisfy, not only its goals, but the needs of the fans as well.

JAN 9, 2013

TORONTO- January 9, 2013- Cinro Sports & Entertainment Inc., a Canadian company dedicated to the production, enhancement and promotion of T20 cricket in North America today announced that they have signed a ‘letter of intent’ with world-class cricketer Shiv Chanderpaul to be their Marketing Ambassador for the CPLT20 in Canada, North America. He will also take on an ownership role. Full details will follow.

Shivnarine Chanderpaul is the former captain of the West Indies cricket team and the first Indo-Caribbean to play 100 Tests for the West Indies. Mr. Chanderpaul is currently ranked number two test batsman in the world in the ICC official rankings.

About CPLT20

The CPLT20 is a Canadian corporation founded by Roy Singh, with offices in Toronto, Ontario. The brand includes the business segments of sporting events, specialized television programming, E-Commerce and an associated line of ancillary products. By attaching immediately recognizable cricket celebrities to our league we can instantly connect with a large national audience. Our face becomes our brand and our celebrity becomes our voice in the marketplace. This platform of high profile athletes places us in the A-Tier of Cricket and directly connects us to broadcast media nationwide – allowing the Canadian Premier League to become a household name in a very short period of time.

NOV 28, 2012


Listen to the radio ad

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Left to Right: CPLT20 Chairman and CEO Mr.Roy Singh, Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board CEO Mr. Suruj Ragoonath and CPLT20 Associate Member Mr. Ed Mackoon.

OCT 17, 2012


Toronto-October 17,2012. CPLT20 Founder Roy Singh today met with Mr. Suruj Ragoonath, CEO of Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board to discuss a friendly 20/20 best out of three games between Canada and Trinidad and Tobago.

The current dates are anticipated to be closer to the end of November. Discussions were friendly and open and CPLT20 looks forward to working with the TTCB in the very near future.

CPLT20 is a Canadian Premier League focused on 20/20 games similar to the format of the

Further details will follow in the coming month or viewers can visit for additional information.

From Left to Right: Canadian Premier League T20 Chairman and CEO Roy Singh and Canada’s Minister of Sports Hon. Bal Gosal,PC,MP

SEPT 14, 2012


Toronto-September 14, 2012. Canadian Premier League T20 (CPLT20) Chairman and CEO Roy Singh met with the Canadian Minister of Sports the Honorable Bal Gosal to discuss its plans for bringing the exciting new 20/20 cricket concept to Canada. CPLT20 follows the concept of the very popular and successful in Mumbai, India. This meeting covered various areas of concerns and interest for CPLT20. Minister Bal Gosal was very co-operative in his responses and proved that he will be a great asset for CPLT20 moving ahead. He was very supportive of the CPLT20 league formation and offered his assistance in developing the format in Canada. CPLT20 intends to launch in the second quarter of 2013 with several friendly 20/20 games with teams from the West Indies and India, followed by a full launch in 2014. Further information and details about CPLT20 can be found at

Left to Right: Executive Assistant to Sir Vivian Richards Debbie Collins and former Executive at the West Indian Cricket Board of Control, Chairman and CEO of the NEWLY founded Canadian Premier League T20 (CPLT20) Canada Roy Singh and to his left the husband of Debbie Collins, Mr. Robert Collins.

SEPT 7, 2012

Canadian Premier League T20 Chairman and CEO Roy Singh met with Executives from Sir Vivian Richards office in Antigua in Toronto today to discuss the formation and their association with the Canadian Premier League T20.

The meeting was one of a very positive nature. Some topics discussed were: 1)The involvement of Sir Vivian Richards and other Superstars from the West Indies with CPLT20 , 2)The current application with the ICCI and current dealings with Cricket Canada, and many more which will be disclosed at a later date.

“CPLT20 is quite pleased to have such a professional, trusting and warm working relationship with Mrs. Collins and her group”, says CPLT20 Chairman and CEO Roy Singh.

AUG 16, 2012

We are currently in discussions with ICCI and BCCI to bring Indian players to Canada

AUG 15, 2012

The Canadian Premier League is currently working with Cricket Canada on a league sanctioning agreement.

Improvement and development of the sport will enable the Canadian Premier League to discover additional niche to attract sponsors from various business fields:

  1. Online statistic services
  2. Certified sports merchandise
  3. Catering / Hospitality
  4. Tourism
  5. Social and charitable projects